Muslim Deeni Mahaz
Muslim Deeni Mahaz is not a political or sectarian group but purely a religious organization that has Islamic Shariah as its Guiding light in all the Issues be it individual or international. Efforts To establish Allah`s word is a religious duty. Only Establishing Khilafah will resolve issues at the domestic and the international level and help in presenting Islam in a more influential way on the international platform. The Islamic state established in the city of Madinah is the best example to understand this. The Caliphs on one hand used to establish Islam in their lands and on other hand invited the people from other countries towards Islam. This makes Khilafah the beat way of spreading and establishing the Allah`s Word. The foundation of this group is Islam and we follow the ways of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). We have a firm belief that life in all the sectors can only be improved by implementing the Islamic laws. Strong belief in the judgment day can only reform the life of humans and therefore MDM does not support any artificial method for reforming any walk of life